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Our mission is to empower 100,000 hygienists beat burn out and grow within their careers. Here’s a little more about us!

Danielle Avila, BSDH, RDH and Laura Bettencourt, BSDH, RDH , possess over 15 years of clinical experience in the New England Area. They are the co-founders of L’Diamante Dental Coaching. Their expertise lies in fostering human connections, building relationships, advancing careers, and leading teams. As mindset hygiene career coaches they take great joy in guiding and empowering their clients to attain the confidence and clarity they desire. Both Danielle and Laura are deeply committed to education, mentorship, and promoting a positive attitude in all aspects of life.

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In 2006, fate brought Danielle and Laura together during dental hygiene school. Laura’s infectious energy filled the front of the class, while Danielle, driven by a quiet determination, focused on learning and graduating. Their connection solidified at a chance meeting in the cozy ambiance of Capellini’s, where Laura worked.

Late-night study sessions, shared tears, laughter, and countless memories defined their journey through school. Both initially found what they believed were their forever homes in different clinical offices, but life’s unexpected turns led them to the same workplace.

Working together, they sensed a shared destiny beyond their current roles. Inspired by a mutual passion for personal and professional growth, Danielle and Laura embarked on a transformative journey. Through self-discovery, courses, and career coaching certifications, they evolved into advocates for preventing burnout and fostering career flexibility.

Out of this shared vision, Diamond Dental Hygiene Career Coaching, now known as L’Diamante Coaching, was born. Today, their story continues as they passionately give back, helping others navigate their career paths and achieve the freedom and fulfillment they once sought. 

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